What is Power?

Power from a sacred standpoint is the ability to give voice to an idea (thought) and to shift that idea from the mental realm to the physical realm. Everything visible was an idea and was spoken into existence before it was manifested on the physical plane. The car you drive, the house in which you live and the job which you work were ideas in someone’s mind and were spoken into existence before you acquired them.

Divine Power empowers you to know that you are enriched with a wealth of ideas. Therefore, wealth is a state of mind and not a matter of money. If you have the courage to voice to your divine ideas, you will have all the resources necessary (financial and otherwise) to implement your ideas and to live a prosperous life. In truth, you are a prosperous being. That is the reason the Holy Bible says: “Seek ye the kingdom of Heaven first and all else will be added.” In other words, seek to know your Higher Self (God Self) and you will extract the riches of Heavenly ideas that exist within you.

Divine Power works in conjunction with self-respect. Self-respect is the understanding that you are God manifested in the physical realm armed with the power to create peace, prosperity and divine order in all aspects of your life. This means you have the power to shift negative conditions into positive conditions. For example, when you become angry it means you have given your power away to someone or something.

This generally occurs when we are not clear regarding what we want and do not vocalize our ideas or needs clearly within ourselves; thereby not articulating them in the external world. In other words, a confused mind leads to confused conditions. Divine Power supports you in recognizing that you and you alone create your reality. No one thinks in your mind, but you! When you take 100% responsibility for your life and understand your level of self-respect dictates the conditions and circumstances in your life, you will not be enslaved to psychological bondage or abuse. Divine Power says you are free. You are either free to be a slave or free to be liberated. The power is in your hands!!!

How Power Transforms Your Thinking

Your thoughts either empower you or disempower you. One hundred percent of your power hinges on how you think and how well you vocalize what you think. When you feel powerless, Hell is created in your life. That means you have acquired a negative state of mind and the conditions around you mirror what you think in your mind. However, because you are a Spiritual Being endowed with the power to shift the negative to the positive, you can exit Hell and its illusions; thereby, entering Heaven where the reality of everlasting peace resides. It stated in the Bible that God says: “Even if you make bed in Hell I am right there with you.” Thus, you have the power to elevate yourself despite negative circumstances or conditions. Hell does not need to be permanent. Hellish conditions are designed to alert you to use the power of positive thinking to adjust the mental and emotional imbalances in your life.

The world renowned singer and actress Whitney Houston experienced mental and emotional imbalances, which lead to drug use and ultimately her death. According to Whitney Houston’s mother Cissy Houston, Whitney never developed the ability to speak up for herself.

From a spiritual standpoint, the inability to speak up for one’s self is a reflection of feeling powerless, which derives from debilitating thought patterns. As a result of the body and the mind being integrated, dysfunctional thought patterns lodge themselves in the body in order to signal us that we have emotional imbalances.

The body contains seven major chakras. The chakras are centers of spiritual energy in the body. Each of these centers have various spiritual meanings and correspond according to our state of mind. For example, the throat chakra is associated with self-expression. When it is in balance you are able to demonstrate the power of creativity and the ability to communicate your thoughts. When it is out of balance you feel disempowered and unable to clearly vocalize your thoughts. In the case of Whitney Houston, her inability to speak up for herself along with her negative lifestyle choices adversely affected her singing voice near the end of her life. Early in her career she was known to world-wide audiences as “The Voice” because of her amazing vocal ability. However, because the body and mind are one integral unit her feelings of powerlessness emerged. Thus, Whitney Houston, the woman known as “The Voice” did not allow her “True Voice” to be heard in all areas of her life in order to neutralize the negative circumstances and conditions that she faced. As a consequence, her singing voice, which people loved, deteriorated before her death.

From a spiritual point of view, Whitney Houston’s life experiences have the power to transform our thinking. It is crucial to feel empowered at all times under all circumstances. Not to do so, allows you to become vulnerable to addictive behaviors that disempower you and create havoc in your life. Thus, in order to be empowered you must think powerful thoughts. The Holy Bible advocates that we positively charge our minds by thinking thoughts that are true, pure, lovely and of good report. As you begin to think positive thoughts, those thoughts will manifest into positive feelings, and those positive feelings will manifest into positive experiences. Positivity is a Divine Power principle that supercharges your thoughts leading to high quality living!!!