What is the Imagination?

The imagination is a powerful tool of the mind. It is the eye of the soul and allows you to see beyond the physical world. In fact everything in the physical world was seen first through the imagination. The imagination gives shape, size and color to your ideas (thoughts). When you combine the tools of faith and power with your God given imagination you receive the inspiration to manifest your ideas in the physical world. The divine ideas which you see through your imagination will automatically improve your life and the life of others. In truth, divine ideas or visions is God seeking to express itself through you and as you. The ideas you envision are a reality in the mind of God. Now is the time to express or press out of your God given imagination those things that are pure, true and lovely. Everything you see within your mind’s eye is a reflection of your consciousness. Therefore, keep your spiritual eye focused on good (God). Double vision creates external illusions that lead to delusions. Delusions manifest Hell in your experiences and circumstances. Remember you are a Spiritual Being that is gifted with the power of creating your reality. From this point forward, align your mind with the All Seeing Mind of God which allows you not only to see the good, but allows you to express good in all aspects of your life.

How Imagination Transforms Your Thinking

Your thoughts or ideas are clothed by your imagination. Through the imagination you have the ability to picture what you desire before it manifests in the physical realm. This visioning power stored within your soul has the ability to work in your interests or not work in your interests.

The determining factor in the visioning process is how you picture your thoughts. Are your thoughts cast in a positive light or negative light? Whatever way you choose to see your thoughts determines your reality. For example, worrying never solves your problems. As a matter of fact, worrying gives your problems the fuel for them to become larger. It is similar to pouring gasoline on a fire. If your thoughts become entrenched in despair your consciousness will automatically produce a picture that matches the thought of despair and you will experience despair. However, the opposite is true, if your thinking is rooted in the eternal quality of love, then your mind will produce a picture that matches that quality and you will draw love to you.

Your imagination has the power to shift negative conditions into positive conditions. Comedian and actor Jim Carrey used the power of his imagination to transform his thoughts. Jim grew up in impoverished conditions in Canada. Despite his background he pursued his dream of becoming a comedic actor. At 19 Jim moved to Hollywood. Success in show business seemed to elude him. In 1985, his finances were depleted and he was depressed. In order to transform his thinking, Jim wrote a $10 million dollar check to himself to make himself feel better. On the memo line he wrote “For acting services rendered.” He post-dated the check 10 years and put it in his wallet. That simple act transformed Jim’s thinking and expanded his vision. Today, Jim is paid over $10 million dollars in each film in which he appears! Jim Carey’s example of visualizing what he desired, demonstrates that when we willingly allow our Divine Imagination to clothe our thoughts, our whole world becomes transformed.