Our Mission

Truth and Transformation Ministries, Inc. is designed to serve and empower humanity through the development and implementation of spiritual tools that will renew and heal the mind, body, and soul.

Our Vision

We envision humankind internalizing, utilizing, and manifesting the spiritual principles of truth, justice, righteousness, order, balance, harmony and reciprocity; thereby, establishing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.

Core Values

We accept the Spiritual Principle of ONENESS and realize the entire human family is an expression of the One Power and One Presence known as GOD.

Through ONENESS of GOD we realize we are the manifestation and power of GOD in action. Therefore, we are empowered to transform less than ideal situations and conditions through permanently shifting our thoughts, speech and behavior patterns. As we shift our minds in a positive direction we experience radiant health, prosperous financial conditions and optimal relationships.

praise-smWe realize, understand and accept that the definition of Christ is one who elevates their awareness into union with GOD, which is representative of their Higher Self.  Therefore, we have an internal and eternal direct connection with GOD or our Higher Self.

We accept that the biblical character and prophet known as “Jesus The Christ” reached his full potential through consciously aligning his mind, body and soul with the Christ Consciousness within his spirit.

We realize the quickest route to connecting with GOD or our Higher Self is through Self-Respect. Self-Respect is the governing force within each of us that provides inner guidance for shaping our thoughts, speech and behavior patterns such that we manifest heavenly conditions during our earthly experience.

We realize, understand and accept that there is a difference between religion and spirituality.  Religion represents how people practice their spirituality through various rituals (prayer, meditation, yoga, communion, etc…) Rituals are a reminder that we have an inner connection with GOD. Spirituality on the hand, is our direct connection with GOD, which attunes us with our Higher Self.  Thus, religion practiced in its most ideal form is a vehicle for realizing, acheiving and demonstrating our spirituality or our Higher Self in all aspects of our lives.