Assistant Spiritual Director

bio-wadeRev. Lawrence D. Wade is Vice Chairman of the Board.  Lawrence was ordained by Rev. Dr. Reginald Howard in April, 2015. Lawrence is the former Director of the men’s auxiliary The Spirit of Brotherhood at Hillside International Truth Center. He also served in various capacities including Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pulpit Assistant and Co-Chair of several committees.

His professional career spans more than twenty years in the Respiratory Care field, where he provided a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients with heart and lung disorders. He currently serves as the Physician Quality Liaison at one of the leading healthcare systems in the metro Atlanta area.

He obtained his undergraduate degree in Cardio-Pulmonary Care Science (Respiratory Therapy) from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2014, he graduated from his Alma mater with a dual Master’s Degree in Business and Health Administration from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business.
He is a dynamic public speaker and metaphysician, and has spoken for many organizations throughout the United States and Canada. Lawrence’s ability to decode sacred writings will leave you enlightened and inspired.

In his spare time he is an avid reader and enjoys taking time to travel and spend time with his family. He has been married to the lovely Aliya Wade for more than 26 years, and they have a son, Akil and daughter, Saidah.

His favorite mantra and words to live by are: “You are the creator of your world.”