What is Wisdom?

Wisdom has two components. One level of wisdom is Spiritual Understanding. Spiritual Understanding gives you the framework through which you can analyze and synthesize information through the all seeing eye of God. Your spiritual understanding is revealed through your soul and tells you what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Therefore, learning to listen to your inner voice is vital to your spiritual development and growth. The second aspect of wisdom is the application of Spiritual Understanding.

In order to experience God or the greater good more readily in your life requires that you apply your Spiritual Understanding in all your experiences. This concept brings God out of the sky and places it in the center of your life. For example, it was spiritually revealed to me to develop a ministry that primarily focused on Spiritual Transformation. In order to develop the ministry into a physical reality, I had to use my Divine Intelligence to allow God’s sacred plan to be revealed through me. Therefore, I had to incorporate the ministry with the state of Georgia, I had to open a business checking account and I had to develop ministry activities and programs. God works through you as you. Thus, wisdom involves applying your Divine Intelligence or Spiritual Understanding in all aspects of your life. This is the route to transform your awareness from believing in God to knowing God. Knowing God means you know yourself. Once you become attuned to your Spiritual Self you realize you are ONE with the all knowing presence of God.

How Wisdom Transforms Your Thinking

By using your divine intelligence you shift your awareness from ignorance to wisdom. Wisdom says that the intelligence of God is alive and available within you. The key is to align your mind and thoughts with the All Knowing Power Source within your soul. As you deliberately align yourself with God, you begin to tap into greater insight which allows you to think and learn life lessons from a higher perspective.

Media Mogul Oprah Winfrey was challenged to use her wisdom by applying her spiritual understanding when her sister sold a story about her to a tabloid newspaper. At 14 years old Oprah became pregnant and give birth to a still born baby. She said she was ashamed that she became pregnant as a youth and for years she secretly lived with the guilt of that experience. When she learned her sister revealed her secret, she initially felt betrayed. However, as she processed her experience, she realized her sister had done her a favor by revealing the fact she had a baby, because it allowed her to release the shame she had developed around it. Wisdom elevates your thinking and allows you to see the beauty in everything. If Oprah had not applied her gift of divine insight, she would have manifested the qualities of persistent anger, continuous disappointment and endless disillusionment throughout her lifetime. Instead, she effectively neutralized those negative potential thinking patterns by aligning her heart and thoughts with wisdom.

As you practice using your wisdom by applying your understanding to all aspects of your life your level of insight will increase. Thus, the landscape of your life will be totally transformed. However, this process hinges on what you think and how well you apply what you think in all your experiences.